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Electric cleaning vehicle series

Electric tricycle hanging barrel (LKGT-301)

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Technical Parameters:

Rated Crew



Vehicle Dimensions

mm 2220*1020*1160(No rear view mirror)

Curb Weight

Kg 155

Rated load

Kg 150

Motor power

W 550

Max speed

km/h ≤30

Braking distance

m ≤3

Turning radius

m ≤2

Rear track

mm 810


mm 1610

Capacity of refuse bin

L 240

Min ground clearance

mm 120

Rated voltage

V 48



Mileage(no load)

Km ≥60

Main Configuration:

Standard color

Blue and white color


Mercury intelligent three-step charger

Seat back

High grade simulation leather

Headlight type

Long life LED

Electric machinery

550W differential motor

Battery capacity


Integral frame

High strength carbon steel

Surface treatment

Pickling and phosphating + high temperature spray treatment

Front wheel model


Rear wheel model

Product Features:

  1。 Vehicle small size, light weight, can be loaded 120L, 240L garbage can。 You can do garbage transport, but also as a sidewalk, residential, square, back street and other places as a garbage recycling Procter & gamble;

  2. Configurate intelligent anti-theft system, whistle alarm when illegal operation and effective anti-theft;

  3. Frame adopts polyester color powder coating, go through twenty anti-corrosion spraying process, with anti-corrosion, resistance to salt fog and smoke resistance, heat resistance, excellent characteristics of scratch resistant,color surface appearance and soft, film adhesion strong;

  4. Configure two brakes, parking brake, dual rear wheel brake simultaneously, to ensure that roads and job security;

  5。 Headlights, taillights with LED bulbs, low heat, long life, low power consumption, environmental protection, etc。, an effective solution to the short life of conventional bulbs, easily damaged problem;

  6. The use of dual-drive differential rear axle transmission speed, torque, climbing strong load capacity, reasonable structure design compact, energy-saving, environmental protection, energy saving, low noise, etc., the internal use of steel gears, easy accessibility;

  7。 Configure coat hook, convenient store items sanitation workers;

  8. Distribution sanitation operations to pick up special folder, implementation does not get off the cleaning job.

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