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Compression garbage truck compression ratio meaning

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  Compression garbage truck compression ratio meanings:

  Compression garbage truck garbage truck series which is more complex a model, the price is relatively high. Compression garbage truck compression main function is to seal relatively large garbage using compression, so that garbage becomes less dense, garbage car loaded refuse capacity increases. A lot of friends of the garbage truck and engine compression ratio compression ratio some confusion.

  Garbage truck engine compression ratio is the air entering the cylinder fuel mixture is compressed by the piston ratio, ie the total volume of the cylinder and the combustion chamber volume ratio, in general, gasoline engine compression ratio 8-11, diesel engine compression ratio of 16 -24 to explain the technical parameters of an engine, you can use roughly the size of power and torque to mark out, however, factors that affect power, but a lot of torque output, one important factor is the garbage truck engine compression ratio, it represents the movement of the piston from the lower dead point to the top dead center, the degree of the gas is compressed in the cylinder。

  The engine can produce more power, power is the product of torque and rotational speed, the greater the power output of the engine, its dynamic nature, the better, the torque is mainly reflected in the acceleration performance of the vehicle, engine tuning into some low speed and high torque, the vehicle has a good start acceleration performance, high-grade and easy garbage truck traveling at low speed, is conducive to saving, TDC, and the piston stroke bottom dead center, dead center of the piston means from the rotation of the crankshaft the most distant center, usually the piston up to the highest position, referred to as TDC.

  By means of the piston is dead center from the center of rotation of the crankshaft recent years, usually refers to the piston down to the lowest position, referred to as the BDC, the piston stroke refers to the piston travels in the cylinder, the bottom dead center to the distance between the top dead center, represented by S , the unit is mm, the piston from top dead point to the lower dead point is called a stroke, the same garbage trucks from the lower dead point of the piston to the top dead center, also known as a stroke, a stroke off the crankshaft rotates 180 degree circle that is complete four stroke (intake, compression, power, exhaust) is required that is twice the crankshaft rotates 720 degrees.

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